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Starting Point



Many schools require that you take the SAT or ACT national college admission and placement examination. Check with the schools of your choice about their requirements. For testing informations go to:Teacher in Class

Focus on three to five colleges you would like to attend. Ask each admissions office for a statement of the annual Cost of Attendance (COA). This figure will include:

  • Tuition and Fees.
  • Room and Board (on-campus with a meals program).
  • Allowance for books, supplies, computers, transportation, and living expenses.

Adjust for any non-standard expenses you may need, such as:

  • Living outside the dorm.
  • Getting a laptop instead of a desktop PC.
  • Costs of organizations and clubs including fraternities, sororities, etc.
  • Additional expense money.

These estimates give you an idea of your total annual expenses. Don't get discouraged by the cost. This figure is just the starting point.

  • Apply for both addmission and financial aid to your top schools.

Now you need to start getting organized.

  • Gather your own and/or your parents' financial information.
  • Make sure you have done everything to qualify for financial aid, such as having a Social Security number and complying with Selective Service registration.

Are you Hispanic or Latino? you can get extra help by watching the 10 episode series on College Admissions 411





























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