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oneCheck your schedule. Make sure you have all the necessary requirements for your educational plans.


twoTake the ACT or SAT if you haven't already.


threeIf you didnt take the ASVAB now is the time to do so.


fourBegin collecting college applications. Watch the dealines!!!


fiveWrite your application essay and get help with editing and reviewing it.


sixRequest a copy of your transcript. Make sure your grades and classes are complete and accurate.


sevenDouble check your college applications and make sure you are on track with the deadlines.


eightApply to the schools of your choice no later than winter break and make sure that you have all the required paperwork because colleges do not process applications until eveything is complete. Send the applications to colleges by February.


nineFollow-up with the colleges you applied to.



tenReview college acceptance letters as you receive them. Take into consideration the financial aid package when making your decision.


elevenFinalize your decision about which college to attend and notify the college you decide to attend and send the required deposit. Also, you should notify the college(s) that you did get accepted in but not plan to attend.



Attend college orientation sessions offered at your college.



thirteenApply for FAFSA. College Goal Sunday is a great place to get help with it. Take a look at our CGS information pages.




Watch for scholarship applications and beware of deadlines.


fifteenWatch for financial aid opportunities and explore different sources of aid including parents' connections, employers, professional organizations, religious affiliations and more.



Update your resume!



Volunteer. Those hours can be used for college and scholarship applications.


eighteenSend a thank you letter to the people that wrote a recommendation letter for you and inform them of your future plans.


nineteenDon't slack off! Even if you have already been accepted to a college your grades still count.



Explore summer job or internship opportunities that fit your career interests.


Graduate Students

twenty one

Have a great graduation!



twenty two

Enjoy the summer!!!!









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