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Type of College-Based Aid


Academic Awards

  • Merit-based scholarships are awarded by your college for academic achievement.
  • Inquire about these awards at your school's financial aid and admission offices.
  • Application may not be necessary as they are often automatically wrapped into the school's aid package you receive.

Departmental Awards

  • Specific departments may have scholarships to attract or retain students in the department's field of the study.
  • If you know your major, contact various departments you might be interested in and see what is available.
  • These are often non-need based.

Athletic Scholarships

  • About $1 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded each year.
  • Contact your preferred schools for available athletic scholarships.
  • Applying for an athletic scholarship is like marketing yourself for a starring movie role.
  • The NCAA website at is the starting point for information.
  • The Arkansas Scholarship Connection, provides a lot of good, free information.

Note: Don't assume that you can't afford a high tuition school until you apply and can review their financial aid offer.





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